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GTM planning

Gluetrail is a platform for Revenue and Finance teams looking to reconcile planning with GTM execution and achieve ambitious goals

One platform to consolidate all your GTM plans (customer acquisition, expansion, retention), collaborate and iterate on scenarios to hit company objectives and distribute goals at every level of your GTM organization

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No more disconnected marketing and sales plans on multiple spreadsheets

Powerful funnel modeling

Get best in class blueprint to model revenue funnels.

Full flexibility over the metrics of your GTM plan (ex: lead, pipeline, bookings, arr, custom metrics, etc.)
Automatically compute capacity, quotas and budget plans needed to hit your objectives, for all your metrics
Start within minutes from scratch or templates - no need to write any formulas!
Customer acquisition
Customer expansion
Territory Management
Customer retention

Know where your assumptions are off

Actuals vs Plan
Gluetrail compares actual performance vs plan across all dimensions
Outliers detection
Gluetrail highlights where performance deviates from plan and quantifies impact in the future
Advanced forecasting
Gluetrail computes bottoms up projections for all metrics in your plan
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Distribute goals to at every level of your GTM teams

Iterate quickly
Leverage what-ifs analysis to find the best path forward getting you to target
Consolidate assumptions and get buy from your stakeholders
Ensure everybody knows what they have to do (send weekly cadences, forecasts or plan vs actuals where it matters - Slack, datawarehouse, CRMs etc.)
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No more CSV extracts, Gluetrail integrates with your tools

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More results
Focus on what matters
GTM efficiency

“As a B2B SaaS company, we have high expectation from our investors. When we realized the complexity of tracking actuals vs plan numbers, it became hard for us to make intelligent decisions on where we invest time resources and energy. Gluetrail made us reallocate resources more effectively to achieve our objectives and we highly recommend it to other B2B SaaS companies.”

Max Greenwald
CEO of Warmly,

“I love the way Gluetrail enables me to control better my revenue planning based on my assumptions and their scenario models. Great to have a solution built by true revenue operations specialists.”

François Kulik
Head of International Sales at 365Talents

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